iTunes Update

The fine folks at Libsyn have submitted a correction to our blog feed with iTunes.   New subscriptions will be pointed at the correct url soon.   At that point, if your feed is broken, you’ll need to re-subscribe.  We’ll post here when everything’s in order!

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4 Responses to iTunes Update

  1. Iylanna says:

    Thankgoodness! I was in a panic that you had stopped podcasting. “sigh of relief”

  2. No, and we’re nagging them to get it fixed! No response as yet! Very annoying.

  3. Ron says:

    They still don’t have it fixed in itunes. :-(

    • I know, I’ve been in touch with Mike at Libsyn a few times. I’ve also submitted the request via the iTunes REPORT A CONCERN feature. According to Libsyn, iTunes is being unusually non-responsive right now. They also seem to be having issues with images for the feeds with a lot of users. I just hope it’s not turning away people who want to hear the shows!

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